Lou Reed

The Spirit of Revolution is the Spirit of Rock and Roll

There’s only one great occupation that can change the world: that’s real Rock’n’ Roll.  I believe to the bottom of my heart – the last cell – that Rock’n’Roll can change everything, and I am a graduate of Warhol University, and I believe in the power of Punk. To this day I want to blow it up. Thank you.”  – Lou Reed’s acceptance speech as GQ Inspiration of the Year 2013, his last public appearance before he died – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNBQkWxnpLE.

IS it in your nature to be aggressive, to lash out at people and inanimate objects when things go wrong, to complain in curse words and envision vengeance against the perpetrators of injustices meted out against you, your kin and your friends?

Is it the sound of drums beaten till they are about to collapse and screetching electric guitar noises, huge booming bass and pained voices joyfully unburdening their anger at the world that gets your attention, gets your ears pricked up and your eyes rolling back in your head in ecstasy?

Will you tolerate the death of rock-n-roll? Will you stand by as record company capitalists and teenage boys with plastic smiles seek to corrupt the minds of the youth leading them away from the true path of spiritual development through primal, raw, ROCK AND ROLL and instead lose their individuality in a sea of gormless conformist morons ready and willing to be used as cannon fodder for modern-day fascist regimes?

would Jimmi Hendrix have stood idly by while the bombs rained down on Baghdad in 2003? No, he would have done a guitar solo. A fucking awesome one.

Hammers on the windows of arms factories, hammers on the machinery inside, fire to the rest of the buildings, masses of people camped out on train lines in front of carriages full of soldiers and military equipment, armaments depots being set ablaze, fascist cops fought back against when they would have tried to move us.

This is what would have stopped the war in 2003, not a million people marching peacefully. 10,000 people taking DIRECT ACTION would have been enough to stop the war, according to an article I read, age 19, and that article set me on a course that would find me an enemy of the State, a revolutionary with no option to turn back to normal life, no way to renounce what I have done and proclaim a false belief in reactionary ideology, for who would possibly believe me?

10,000 people doing radical things, things that would put their own bodies and lives at risk in the sake of a great cause, in the sake of saving Iraqi lives, in the sake of saving the lives of western imperialist soldiers, in the sake of saving the lives of victims of terrorist attacks not yet perpetrated that would be carried out in revenge for the war.

10,000 people being reckless, raw, ROCK AND ROLL. Listening to awesome guitar solos. And shit like that.

To some people rock and roll is called Hip Hop. To some people it is called Reggae. To some, Drum’n’bass (as if the ‘n’ wasn’t a total giveaway) Techno, Breakcore, Gabba, all kinds of crazy words. To some, it is even called Jazz. But I know the truth about any music that makes a crowd go wild, gets people shouting at each other with smiles on their faces as they pull aggressive postures and listen to lyrics depicting violence spat out by hoarse throats.

They are all imbued with the same spirit. The Spirit of Rock’n’Roll.

The Spirit of Revolution.

Revolution is not something that will happen in the future in accordance with some dialectical theory of history. We do not have to wait until capitalism has made everything even worse than it already is before we can begin to fight against it in the name of fairness, of liberty, of solidarity.

We can fight NOW to change things NOW. We demand freedom NOW. Always NOW, NOW, NOW.

We fight and we will win or not win but we will fight and fight in the Spirit in which we desire to carrying living if ever the fight is finally won. Muslims call it “fighting in the way of Allah”. A Holy War is not just a war against people who think something else is Holy than what you think is, it is a war you fight in a Holy way.

So, for those of us who believe not in Allah and the teachings of his Prophet Mohammed, but instead in the Spirit of Rock’n’Roll, how do we apply this?

Going to battle against the State as we would in a mosh pit – moshing the fucking system right down around our feet, smashing it the fuck up, SMASHING IT THE FUCK UP.

In a mosh-pit you don’t lay down rules at one another like a PRICK. You just let each other be, man, and dig it. Dig the vibe. It’s all part of the total scene. Another page in the history book of Rock’n’Roll.

A wise man said once “Be excellent to one another. And party on, dudes”. His name was Ed Solomon, the main writer of the Bill and Ted movies, and a man who fully understood the significance the Rock’n’Roll has on the world stage.

He prophesied that one day a band would be formed that would rock SO HARD that they would solve all the worlds problems and usher in a new age of reason and global unity and happiness for all, based upon that simple maxim.

This is not just a movie starring Keanu Reeves, like The Matrix. This is a movie foretelling the coming revolution, like THE MATRIX REVOLUTION.

I believe in the prophesy of Ed Solomon. I believe in the dying words of Lou Reed. I believe in the Revolution, and in Rock’n’roll. And I will not be silenced.