david cameron

Time for David Cameron to have that smug fucking grin wiped off his face

So. 11 Million people have voted for the Conservative party. These people are Class traitors. They should be forgiven if they repent. They should hide in fear until then.

But, nonetheless, despite the fact that it’s a huge number, its only around 1/7th of the UK population. So it’s a case of a smallish elite of dickheads getting their way and the rest of us having to suffer. This is not a tolerable situation.

This government has no legitimacy to rule. It’s laws are not worth following. Just forget about them, don’t even read them. It would be like taking the words of a drunk angry man threatening you with violence too seriously. It’s just bullshit, don’t listen to it.

If you want a better life for yourself, your friends, your community, you are going to need to BREAK THE LAW. Don’t worry, it’s fine, millions of people break the law all the time and we are leading perfectly happy lives as a result.

The important thing is breaking the law COLLECTIVELY. It means having SOLIDARITY. If you don’t know what that word means, look it up. It is not going to be explained to you by the television news or the mainstream press. They don’t want you to understand what solidarity is, or how powerful it can be when millions of people decide to break the law together and to support one another in doing so.

Most of us in the UK have ancestors who worked in factories in the 1800’s, and who were peasants in the 1600’s who had their land stolen from them by force. The people who fought back, to demand their rights to control the means of production for themselves rather than work as a slave for someone else, they broke the law.

They were heroes. Without them we would not have the rights we have now. If people in the past had not broken the laws that existed in the past, those laws would still exist today. If you want to change a bad law, you have to BREAK IT, and keep breaking it until it is completely BROKEN.

Slavery was abolished this way, through slaves breaking out of the plantations and spreading their stories to white allies. But mainly through BREAKING FREE.

The poll tax was abolished this way, through millions of people deciding not to pay it. The law was BROKEN, so the government had to stop it.

There are many laws that are on the books right now that we need to BREAK. So let’s get on with it.

If you are not connected with other people who hate the government as much as you do, FIND THEM. If your friends don’t feel the same way as you, don’t worry, you will make new friends, maybe better ones than the ones you have now. There are millions of us, and many of us have email addresses. Shit, even email me if you want and i’ll try and help connect you to someone: williamsewardburroughs@riseup.net.

Once you have found a group of people you feel you can work with, IMMEDIATELY START TAKING ACTION.

Steal something, squat a building or some land, start a project to provide a public service based on the principles of mutual aid rather than hierarchy, just GET ON WITH SOMETHING REAL. Don’t just have meetings where you talk about daydreams, make the more realistic of your day dreams into REALITY, and SOON.

BE BRAVE. Keep your energy up. Take care of your physical and mental health. Listen to inspiring songs, read inspiring books, keep your friends inspired too, don’t criticise them too much or lay big guilt-trips on them.

Being arrested is not that bad. I was arrested just last week, and i’m fine now. Bit of a shit few days, but whatever. It’s nothing to be afraid of.

Being physically hurt by cops is sometimes pretty bad, sure. But just try and be smart about the way you break the law so you don’t get caught, and if the cops are there and are trying to hurt you, be smart about how you deal with them. Remember that they are just scared little idiots, and don’t aggravate them unnecessarily. Flatter their stupid little egos by pretending to respect them, until you get away from them and start breaking the law again.

ACAB- Always Chuckle At Bobbies (it makes them less likely to suspect you want to kill them).

The worst that can happen to you is that you will get killed. But you could get killed crossing the fucking street.
You could get killed by a cop just because they think you’re a terrorist. Or you could die of malnutrition or curable disease because of this shitty capitalist system we live under, or get stabbed by a poor, deranged person whose life has been destroyed by the system already.

It’s a choice between the risk of a proud death with the possibility of improving your life, or the certainty of a shit life and a death that no-one would be proud of.

Let’s start a crime wave. Let’s start an insurrection. Let’s get the things we deserve: food, shelter, medicine, security, community, by any means necessary.

Let’s wipe that smug fucking grin off David Cameron’s face.