Song – When the Sun Comes Falling Down

Copyright Raz Chaoten 2014: feel free to copy and distribute so long as it is not for money



One day in the jungle i had my tarot read

The sun was in the middle and the tarot-reader said

That it was the power structure and that i’d be there to bring it down

Maybe he just said what he thought i’d want to hear

Or maybe i shouldn’t doubt


When the sun comes falling down

I’ll be there just to hear the sound

As it hits the ground

Laughing as the sun falls to the ground


We all know that the government, they don’t care about how we feel

And that when we’re out there struggling, that’s the only thing that’s real

We know we need a revolution but we don’t know when it’ll come

But every day we find solutions and every day a battle’s won

(Chorus followed by instrumental then Chorus again)


We can’t live how they say even if we wanted to

But the answer’s easy: just do what you want to do

Go and start a revolution in the way you live your life

Because none of their excuses are gonna bring what you desire


And when the system crumble’s down

I’ll be there standing in the crowd with my voice so loud

Laughing as the sun falls to the ground

We will break it down

Laughing as the sun falls to the ground

We will burn it down

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