Raz O’Connor: Musician, Writer and Activist

My name is Raz O’Connor. I am an Anarcho-socialist folk and rock musician, originally from London, UK with Irish, Australian and English heritage. Above is part of a youtube playlist where you can see a gig I performed in Leiden, Holland in December 2017. I like to travel and I am always up for playing solo gigs like this, especially for benefit gigs for progressive causes or to help refugees, squatters, travellers or the DIY music scene. Contact me on Facebook (Raz O’Connor) or at j.o.meldau @ gmail.com if you want me to come play anywhere.

You can also hear my albums and donate money to support my music here: https://razoconnor.bandcamp.com/. Below is the video for ‘The Lights of Tangiers’ from my album Afro-Folk-Punk (featuring Diaspora – a band of West African refugees struggling at the Morocco-Spain border) available now at bandcamp.com with all proceeds going towards Interzone Voices – a grassroots media project exposing Human Rights abuses at the Morocco-Spain border caused by EU border policy.



  1. Wow i really love your writings and so true. I SO AGREE , IT SEEMS THE WHOLE SYSTEM WE ARE CURRENTLY IN IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL , FEAR AND POWER YET THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR XXXX LIFE IS ABOUT LOVE AND HEALING HELPING EACH OTHER BUT, Many are caught up in a crysalis of false belief xxxx but just like butterflies it can change xxxx


  2. OMG you guys (or should I say ‘folK’ because all of gender is just a capitalist construction designed to tear us apart amirite?) are so right on! Vulva la revolucion!!


  3. I see your revolution and raise you a re-evolution 🙂 Ours was not a chance meeting at Over the Moon, it was good to finally meet ‘again’ :D. I agree with every word you said and more people need to be inspired by these words so shall do my best to disseminate your sentiments. Great voice, great vision Ras. A pleasure and privilege to know you!


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