Broken thoughts need words to heal them

halloween mushroom31st October 2015 – around midnight

He lives in ancient Greek towers, singing songs about nothing much in particular. One day he might tell a story about toast he ate for a lonely dinner, other times more of a sombre song about ducks. But it’s not important the words, its how he sings them, mournful. Or if happy, always with a manic grin, like he’s putting on a murderer act.

Days away from entering the boat of skies. It’s not fair, none of it. Neither justice nor peace. It’s believable though, all too much so. Fear is the little death bringing ultimate destruction. You afraid of fear? It’s hard not to be, when it’s the ultimate destruction.

So the songs get louder to drown out the thoughts. Broken thoughts need words to heal them. Healing words need writers to write them, singers to sing, readers to read, actors to perform and those people who go around making speeches all the time to do that.

Is it wise to take psychedelic drugs just before going to other continents for revolutionary purposes? It’s always how I’ve done things before. Tripping in Havana, tripping on the way to Ecuador, always smoking weed everywhere from Berlin to Mexico, Tangiers to Australia.

Come out as a user of psychedelic drugs. That’s what scientists are advising. Doctors and such. They want us to come out of the closet and wave the freak flag high, to be all like, ‘hey man, come on, its like, totally good for you and shit’ to all the uptight squares in the fascist regime. But do they care? I don’t know. At least books can get published. Some places I guess you can’t even talk about it.

Here in the West we are oppressed by a post-modern malaise that keeps us from realising anything, in the sense of manifesting a change in social reality that we can all feel proud of. We have no standards by which to judge anything, all such formulations being pulled out like rugs from under our feet, from our aching minds. But that’s a fuck of a lot better still than being blinded by theocracy and a vision of reality that refuses to share consciousnesses with others.

Away then, we go, to Morocco, the land where it seems like at least half the people are stoned all day, except what if they aren’t at all? Maybe it’s only a fifth or something, but still. It’s hard to imagine that people can get to grips with an ideology supporting the existence of the State. But then, it’s hard to imagine that anywhere.

Mostly people everywhere, East and West, North and South, are propelled along by the same basic bullshit at all times in all settings. When we’re startled, we act irrationally. It’s important not to startle each other, and get good at unstartling ourselves and one another. Really, it is.

If you tell someone that the whole basis of their system of government is a lie, some of them will take it in their stride, the ones who never really gave a shit in the first place. Others might get startled. The earlier in life this startling happens, probably the better, as long as they then get calmed down. If you leave it till your forties to really question anything, you’re probably never going to really understand anything.

You will just flap around, blaming Jews for everything, or if not Jews then some other people you don’t really understand. Maybe you’ll vote for a guy who will sell your teeth to foreign bankers and kick your grandma out of her pyjamas, and then STILL blame the Jews.

The last thing people like that want is for hippies who are friends with illegal migrants or whatever they call them – Jews from Africa? Like the Jews from Syria? I mean, you have to hate someone right? – the last thing they want is for them to go on TV saying that if they take magic mushrooms they might feel happier and be all connected with the universe, experiencing new states of consciousness.

They will probably try and claim that the mushrooms are Jewish, or Muslim, or some kind of Marxist-liberal-intellectual people with beards who want to enter your mind just to burn flags and rape women.

There’s even a guy on Youtube who calls him self a ‘former Jew’, who hates Jews more than most people on Youtube, making weird grins to the camera and saying that Donald Trump is too left-wing. He is a Russian Orthodox priest, and makes no attempts to hide it, wearing his hat and robes right there on camera with snowy mountains in the background.

So yeah, maybe all these fucking dickheads are just dickheads because of some traumatic childhood whatever and that’s why they want to build robots to bomb people and then make huge fences to create weird assault courses for the workers who will end up doing the bullshit jobs they need to even FUND their dickheadish antics in the first place.

I can see that. They arn’t reptilian aliens or any of that shit. Just people who’ve been fucked in the head by the world and are taking it out on the wrong people. But still. It’s hard not to hate them.

So, I guess I need to try harder, and the best way to distract yourself from hating the government is by doing something positive for the people, which empowers us and so acts against the oppressors without being a negative act in itself. Make the world a better place, because noone else is going to, and all that crap about things getting worse before they get better is some pitiful excuse for not doing anything.

The masses will not rise up once they are starving in the streets – because they will be too fucking hungry to. Some people want to just smash windows and write circled-As everywhere and actually make places look like shit just because they think that will piss people off enough to want to attack the state but it will only make them want to attack YOU, the anarchists.

When the people are organised, governments tremble. So fucking get organising, whether you are on drugs or not. Fucking beers are even used for doing it. FUCKING BEERS.

Now, some people might say that mushrooms, weed and other naturally occurring psychedelics have been used for psychological healing processes for thousands of years, and that we are now living in a time when humanity is mentally fucked up more than at any other time in history, so we should take some trips and meditate on their insights for a while, making art and poetry to help put it all into context, rather than GETTING FUCKING DRUNK ALL THE TIME, but hey, that’s just some people’s opinion.

So you know. Its not like indigenous communities are stronger and more able to withstand long periods of intense state repression than punk squatting communities is it? Like, a subculture that glorifies junkies and alcoholics, holding them up as the pinnacle of artistic achievement, has surely nothing to learn from cultures that have survived attempted genocide for centuries and still lead the way in ecological resistance movements in many countries?

I mean, we all know hippies are stupid right? And punks are the real revolutionaries? Like, no gains were made for progress in the 60s, but the eighties were a decade of undreamed of victories for the working class? Yeah?

Happy Halloween everyone. Celtic new year. Samhain, Sawain, whatever. These words are not my own, but those of faeries from the Side who have hi-jacked my brain for the evening. I hope you feel the same xx

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