Not this time, not again

This time it’s for real.

There is no more time. It’s come. It’s now.

Are they going to stop pollution in the next two years and save the world from a climate spiralling madly out of control?

Look at what’s on their agenda for the next few years. It sure as fuck ain’t that.

When I say ‘they’ of course I mean the leaders of the dominant political and economic organisations of the world. Those fuckers who are killing all those people on TV every day with their bombs and the poverty they force us all to live in.

So this time, it’s time to do it right.

No more excuses. No more being too afraid to take action. Get over yourself. We are all afraid. But we struggle anyway.

No more meetings about meetings about meetings that never lead to any means of production being taken over by workers or any oppressive structures of authority being dismantled.

No more ‘moderating our slogans’ to appeal to the mainstream, and ending up forgetting what the hell we were fighting for in the first place.

Fuck the mainstream. Not because it produces awful music, I actually like shitty pop music. But we must completely decentralise power, including electrical power, and that means no more commercial bullshit based on centralised models.

No more wasting time picking pedantic holes in each others arguments so as to sound more radical than each other while disguising the fact we’re too shit scared to actually confront reality in our daily lives.

No more fucking about, basically. Time to seize the means of production.

My strongest possible advice to you at this time is to work on being part of a strong affinity group of people you are on the same wavelength as and start making real, concrete, life-changing plans for how you are going to get yourselves in a situation where you are able to produce the majority of what you need to survive and have enough left over to trade with others.

If that means selling all your stuff to buy other stuff, just do it. Let go of all that old shit. It ain’t gonna save your life.

If it means taking something by force from someone who is a complete bastard, take it. Just do it in a way which means you get away with it.

All of this is easier said than done of course. But DO IT. Seriously. No more excuses

This isn’t even about you, and your fear to do what must be done. This is about the children’s future.

You know, those kids? The ones you see about the place? The ones you know. The ones you don’t know. All of them.

They are alive right now. Do you want them to be alive in twenty years?

Well then. Get on with it.

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