Song – Used To

Copyright Raz Chaoten 2014 – feel free to distribute and copy so long as it is not for money



I used to have a lady by my side or maybe just a girl

But I’d tell the world that she was mine

I used to call her baby when she cried

But now I’m gone I guess there’s no-one to dry her eyes


And so I hope she’s smiling now that I’m far away

I hope that I’m the only thing that’s causing her pain

I hope she finds someone who will love her the same as I did again


We used to say we loved each other more than the Sun

And we used to mean it, two dreams that merged as one

We used to talk of having daughters and having sons

We were that crazy, but just maybe it might have been fun



Reality has woken me to the familiar colour black

Though I preferred to be in her fantasy

There’s no way I can turn back

There were just too many ways that we just weren’t the same

That our hearts didn’t match up

But she will always be the first one

To make me believe in Love


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