Song – University Daze

Copyright Raz Chaoten 2014 – feel free to distribute and copy so long as it is not for money



With Athens and Iceland still burning away

And policemen saying summer here’d be full of rage

We were just sitting in a room called Arts A

Talking about bombs dropping far, far away

Bridge 1:

And the Trotskyists postured and the Anarchists sighed

And we all put up pictures of the children who’d died

Though Zion was responding to terrorist fire

There was no fucking way that this was justified


So we stood in Solidarity, though we’d never stood up for ourselves

Well it’s better than fighting for the Queen

Still, it’s fighting for somebody else


The management of that University

Guess we wanted them to help make Palestine free

But they were too busy just scheming away

About cutting our courses and the staff’s pay


So the Trotskyists postured and the Anarchists sighed

We used words like ‘neoliberal’ and ‘commodified’

And me and my friends even camped right outside

their offices, with a few hand painted signs


Because we stood in Solidarity and we were trying to stand up for ourselves

But most people cared more about their degrees

Than about trying to help somebody else


But I didn’t go there to get a degree

I went there to learn, I went there to see

What life was about, and what I found out

Was that the money you earn does not make you free

It just makes you a part of this blood-soaked machine

That’s destroying the earth and destroying the dreams

That the one’s that we owe our existence to fought for

Dreams of being free from exploiters and warlords

And now we’ve got more war than ever in history

Now the exploiters have harnessed the mystery

Of how to make slavery feel just like freedom

How to make people kill for things, though they don’t need em

How to make rebels seem like they’re just stupid

How to make resistance seem like it’s useless

Well they can fuck off, because I know it’s not

And apart from each other it’s all that we’ve got


So stand in solidarity with your comrades all over the earth

Because unless we’re all in this struggle together

There’s no way it ever can work

Stand in solidarity and instead of their doctrines of greed

Say from each according to ability and to each according to need

Stand in solidarity and don’t stand for anything less

Than a world that’s fit for human beings

Not just for capitalists

Stand in solidarity and we’ll fight them in millions of ways

So just do what you can like I tried to do

In my university daze

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