Song – The Feeling On That Night

Copyright Raz Chaoten 2014 – feel free to distribute and copy so long as it is not for money



I told a cop that I was proud to be an Anarchist

As I was locked to a plastic fence

Outside a factory making war machinery

Sun in my eyes as they took my friends


Cos I remembered the feeling on that night

So ecstatic and so liberating

Windows smashing, barricades and setting things alight

And even then we almost got away


Well they have beaten me, strangled and imprisoned me

And what is worse they have smiled and laughed

They have molested, raped and murdered cold-bloodedly

And brought a coldness to my heart


But I remember the feeling on that night

Tired, bruised and crazy in my cell

I whispered to myself “they are the terrorists”

And I cackled like a demon out of hell


And I remember the feeling that next morning

Of comradeship and cigarettes and rage

Of solitude and promising myself to Anarchy

And to fighting them until my dying days


The years have passed now but still I am struggling

And ever purer grows my hate

But I’m a happy man and everything is better now

My head is high and my back is straight


Cos I remember the feeling every night

I close my eyes and see the colour of my flag

And I know their bright blue flashing lights

Could never reach as far as all that Black

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