Song – No More Borders

Copyright Raz Chaoten 2014 – feel free to distribute and copy so long as it is not for money



We don’t need no more borders (x4)

We don’t need no borders, what we need is:

One World (x4)


Imperialism hurts my soul

Causing division for control

Xenophobia and hatred

Making us feel so naked

Against their lies and their attacks

When they disguise all of the facts

We take the flack for all their crap

So we fight back



Capitalism breaks my heart

We were excluded from the start

They build their prisons where we’re hurled

To keep us hidden from their world

And now it’s time, in fact it’s been

Time for a change since the beginning

But they keep grinning, cos they keep winning

So we’ll keep singing



This song goes out to everyone in Morocco struggling against racism and oppression funded by European imperialists, fighting for a world where everyone is free to travel where they wish, where workers are free from capitalists and where we are all free to share this world with one another

(Repeat Chorus)

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