Song – Drift Away

Copyright Raz Chaoten 2014 – feel free to distribute and copy so long as it is not for money



I don’t want to drift away, it’s just that the world’s too big

So fucking complicated, and I don’t feel free

So I sit and dream away about how the world could be

About what it means to be a human being


But I don’t know what to say when you wake me from my day-dreams

And I see what our love really means


I don’t want to drift away from you

But nothing lasts forever

Ojos verde, mi amor


When I hear those daggers in your throat

Sharp and clear and straight out of the blue

It cuts right through whatever paper mask

I’m blocking out my flaws by looking through

Maybe you don’t know the power you have

The handle’s never as sharp as the blade

Maybe you feel euphoric as you stab

Coz all you’re doing is pushing out your pain


All I said is maybe, but if it is the case

Then what else can I do but (drift away)



I never thought I could break

Your beautiful heart one day

I’d done that before, you know

And it don’t feel great


But I never knew what to say when you’d clear apart the smoke clouds

And I’d see what our love really was


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