Song – Comrade

Copyright Raz Chaoten 2014 – feel free to distribute and copy so long as it is not for money



Comrade, do you even know my name?

Do you really feel the same about the troubles of the world?

Comrade, though our cause has been betrayed

Many times and in many ways

Don’t let it make us lose our faith


In each other, in the world, in the Struggle

so why do you call me Comrade?


Is it just because I’m here?

And that you’re too seized up with fear

To tell me what you really think?


And how you feel about the existent and the ideal?

Yes do really feel the same, or in your heart is this a game?


Or are you my comrade?

Prepared to be there by my side

If one or both of us should die

In the pursuit of our shared aims?

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