Song – Al Qaeda

Copyright Raz Chaoten 2014 – feel free to distribute and copy so long as it is not for money



Al Qaeda was invented by the CIA

It ain’t what you’ll read in the news today

But its the truth

Terror takes your freedom away


Governments need to keep the truth disguised

Coz good murderers have got to be good liars

They tell ya that the Muslims rape and kill

So that you’ll be a good child and swallow your pills


But there’s something that you need to know

The record shows that



The commanders-in-chief of the land of the free

Aren’t afraid to make a few enemies

Even train ’em up and teach ’em how to fight

So they can turn ’em loose and give us all a fright


They had the whole thing planned, Bush and Reagan

Back in Afghanistan


Don’t be afraid (X3) and don’t ya be their slave

(Repeat Chorus)

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