Debut album finally recorded!

The songs below have taken 8 years to write and practice but were recorded in just 3 hours, mostly in one take, at Grassroots studios in Cardiff. I would like to thank everyone who has supported my music and encouraged me over the years:

  • My family, especially my Mum who has always been there with money and advice and my Dad who taught me music and filled my head with dreams of being a musician by telling me stories from his youth.
  • The people I played music with at school in London and who said things to me like “Oi! You! Write some lyrics!” thereby turning me into a song writer at a young age.
  • The people who came to open mics I played in in Edinburgh and at Sussex Uni, who gave me the confidence to carry on writing and performing my own songs.
  • All my old Anarchist comrades and squatter friends from Brighton who allowed me to feel like sitting around singing them songs was somehow a revolutionary activity.
  • Lastly but definitely not least all the incredibly courageous and inspiring refugees and migrants I played with in Calais and Tangiers and who made me feel like there was actually some point in what I was doing as a musician.

This last few months has been mind-blowing for me, especially as over the summer i had almost finally given up on dreams of being a musician.

Since moving to Cardiff I have found people who want to start a band with me, which is going to be called ‘Breach of the Peace’

I have also been offered a chance to play bass for Kilnaboy, a band I have had loads of respect for ever since I saw them play in Brighton about 4 years ago.

Plus I have made loads of contacts to help me get gigs. Cardiff rules. Fuck England.

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