A Military Coup is not a Revolution

Watching this shit about Egypt blows my mind:

“The black colour represents the people of the nile, the white represents the purity of the youth and the red represents the peoples sacrifice, and the eagle represents the military, safeguard of the nation” the Coptic Pope of Egypt says, explaining the flag to the people. He speaks just minutes after one of the leading Sunni Muslim clerics also gave his thumbs up to the military coup that has taken place today

Religion justifying undemocratic government? Yep.

People on the streets are going nuts. Popular hysteria stirred up by nationalistic politicians? Yep.

There are people on the streets who are anti-military as well as being anti-Morsi. But do they have any guns? Al Jazeera is not telling me that.

So they probably don’t. This is a military coup, not a revolution. The army were the ones who got rid of Mubarak. They are the ones with the real power. “Power comes from the barrell of a gun” as a very powerful man with a whole lot of guns once said.

The military say they have a roadmap towards democracy. I have heard this before somewhere…. Iraq? Afghanistan? EVERYWHERE

The Israeli’s used to say they had a roadmap to peace. Even they gave up pretending after a while.

The revolution is not over in Egypt. People are gonna keep being pissed off until the authoritarian political system comes to an end, which will only be if a system of government based on military power comes to an end.

“Revolutionaries” setting off fireworks and cheering on the military as they suspend a constitution makes me sick, even if it was a stupid, Islamist constitution. “We have no rights! Hooray!”.

So now the Islamists are gonna be all like “fuck you! we like our stupid constitution! how dare you!” and you would have to feel sorry for them if they wern’t such a bunch of sexist nutters.

Solidarity with anti-authoritarian, anti-militarist Egyptians. There are loads of them and they deserve a real revolution, not to get thrown in jail by a military police claiming to represent them.

That’s all i can say right now. Lots of people are probably gonna die tonight. Think about them, not the fireworks

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