Staterape and Statehate

The police spy on radical activist groups in the UK and their undercover agents actively try to pursue sexual relationships with activists in order to make their cover more believable.

Undercover agents have done things like this for decades, if not centuries. Yet we still find it shocking when the truth comes out about a particular incident.

This is because people have been deceived into having sex, so they can not be said to have given their full consent. I call it Staterape.

Would any radical activist consent to having a policeman’s cock inside them? Perhaps. People have all kinds of weird fetishes. But the vast majority of us would not.

This is because we hate the police. Hate is a strong word, which is why I am using it. Hate is an emotional response. It is not something you have a choice about. You can not reason yourself out of something you never reasoned yourself into.

We have no choice but to hate the police because they systematically target us, intimidate us, spy on us, try to have sex with us through deception, use violence against us, lie about us, try and get us locked up for years, inflict psychological and physical trauma on us in thousands of ways. If we did not hate them, we would not be human. Statehate

Even if someone went into radical activism not feeling any hatred towards police, they will pretty soon develop this hatred as they see first hand just what it is like. Inevitably activists become friends with one another, and seeing your friends hurt makes you hate the people that hurt them, just as being hurt yourself makes you hate the person that hurt you.

Some people might say “forgive and forget”, “an eye for an eye and we shall all be blind” and various other spiritual sounding phrases. This is all very well, but as I said before, hatred is emotional, not rational. When you tell yourself over and over again to calm down you simply drown out one emotion and try to smother it with another. You are not actually being rational, you are just trying to manipulate your own emotions.

This is not healthy. What you are doing is repressing your emotions rather than working through them. If you hate someone you should try and talk to them about it. Hopefully they will feel sorry for hurting you and try to make amends. If this does not happen, maybe you will hate them even more.

In that case you might try and taking some more extreme action such as blocking them out of your life, or something slightly more malicious like saying a cutting remark, stealing or breaking something they love, or even being physically violent towards them.

When it comes to the police, or the State more generally, these options are not usually open to us. We can not talk to the State and get it to say sorry, because it takes years of sitting in inquiries, talking to journalists and organising campaigns just to even get them to admit they did something wrong, usually in cold diplomatic language, and they usually don’t give anything to their victims to make up for it.

We can not ignore the State, because it governs the entire territory we live in. It puts up posters all over town telling us not to break all of its laws, and CCTV cameras to make us feel like it is watching us all the time. It’s police officers drive around in cars with flashing lights and sirens that hurt our ears. How are we supposed to ignore that?

Saying a cutting remark to the State just feels like a waste of breath. Smashing its windows or stealing small souvenirs from it rarely seems worth the risk of getting caught.

It doesn’t really care about windows or small bits of office furniture anyway. It doesn’t care about anything except making money for its creditors.

Using violence against agents of the State is also far easier said than done. The main reason they spy on us after all is because they know we hate them so much that lots of us would like to see them dead. The politicians protect themselves with armed police, who themselves are protected by body armour.

You could probably kill some low-level bureaucrat, but what would be the point really? If in the moment you felt such a maddening hateful bloodrush that it actually felt good to do so, then that moment would quickly fade as within minutes you found yourself either shot in the head or knocked down onto the floor and dragged away to be tortured.

So the hatred grows and grows with no way of realising it. Some of us go insane under the pressure and are locked up in prisons they pretend are medical centres, stuffing us with drugs that State bureaucrats have been bribed to prescribe us by the multinational corporations that produce these drugs.

Others among the ranks of the radical movements decide to cut out the middle men and just fill our own bloodstreams with drugs we at least get to choose, but choice is limited to whatever the black market connections we have as individuals can offer. Horse tranquilisers are a popular one amongst political radicals, as they disassociate us from the seemingly intolerable reality we are faced with.

The rest of us try to get by day to day, channelling our hatred into small, useful, constructive acts. Making flyers, sending emails, organising little demonstrations, talking to people on the streets, putting on benefit gigs or film showings. Just keeping our movements going, holding the few active people still left together. But it’s always hard not to lapse into complete despair, have hateful and angry moments, or sometimes get completely wrecked on alcohol or other drugs.

Oh what a threat to the State we are. No wonder Staterape is so widespread. If it wasn’t the western imperialist superstructure would surely fall tomorrow. Good old boys in blue.

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