Dying Is The Only Good Thing Margaret Thatcher Ever Did

The only good Fascist is a dead one, as the old saying goes, and today Thatcher finally achieved this positive distinction. She had made a fair effort at being a good fascist for many years, but clearly did not understand that if she had just killed herself in 1975, the year she became Tory party leader, she would have already achieved her goal.

Some people would object to my categorization of her as a Fascist. These people need to get a life, and some perspective. Margaret Thatcher was a close personal friend of Augustus Pinochet, the Chilean dictator and even helped him avoid punishment by letting him hide out in the UK. This is clearly a strong endorsement of Fascism.

Pinochet did not come to power as a result of free and fair elections, but as the result of a coup financed by the CIA and the ITT corporation. His regime killed literally millions of people and destroyed the Chilean labour movement.

Thatcher clearly admired this in him as she was committed to destroying the British labour movement. Her regime used extreme violence against striking miners (amongst other workers) and passed legislation that made effective working class solidarity illegal.

Under her reign UK police were given more power and more weaponry with which to fight working class people, starting a trend which continues to this day. This use of direct violence may not compare with Pinochet’s, but she managed to kill many working class people through more indirect ways too, by beginning the dismantling of nationalised industry and the welfare state.

Like most Fascists, she saw left-wingers and ethic minorities as serious threats to the divine order of things and so supported the various bloody “anti-communist” wars going on throughout the 1980s in the “3rd world” and made speeches sympathizing with racist violence against immigrants.

Her policies towards the remaining British Colonies were predictably brutal, maintaining a heavy British military presence in Northern Ireland which collaborated with violent Protestant gangs, and even started a war with Argentina to keep the completely insignificant Falkland Islands under British imperial control.

But of course her major accomplishment toward achieving a Fascist world order in which all power is in the hands of an un-elected elite backed up by extreme State violence and divide -and-rule propaganda lay in her reforms of the financial system.

During the 1980’s international financial capitalists aided by Thatcher and her buddy Ronald Reagan consolidated their power over the international system to an unprecedented degree.

Thatcher deregulated the financial sector in Britain and helped the IMF force indebted “3rd world” States to do the same. This meant that in very real terms financial capitalists had far more power over what governments did than elected officials.

It created a world where those in a position to borrow money are seduced into living in a dream world of material excess which can be taken away at any time, while those that are not able to borrow money face ever increasing hardship and are ignored by almost everyone even when dying on the street.

There is much, much more i could say on this theme, but frankly, i don’t want to right now because it will only make me angry, whereas today should be a day for joyous celebration.

When “Evil” people die, “Good” people should be happy, even if taking pleasure in the death of others is not usually a “Good” thing to do. Like her friend Pinochet, Thatcher never faced punishment for her crimes against humanity and was allowed to die as an “innocent” person in the eyes of official society.

Now that she had been dead only a few hours the mainstream media are already talking as if we are all supposed to be sad about it. What about all the people who died as a result of her economic and military policies? Where are the mainstream media articles commemorating them?

This emotional whitewashing should not be stood for. A huge proportion of British citizens, and many people of other backgrounds besides, have hated Margaret Thatcher for years and have been anxiously waiting for this day. Many people around the country will be celebrating today.

But the mainstream media will probably not report this, or if they do, they will probably make it out to be a bad thing. Well fuck them. We have a right to feel the way we do.

Let the truth be known. Margaret Thatcher was an evil fascist arsehole and millions of people are glad she’s dead.

Now get out there and start partying.



One comment

  1. I had no idea about this woman. I typed in my question of was she good or bad and got your input. Every morning here in the states I wake up hoping the news will be telling me of the death of one of the many evil people we have lingering on to life around here. I could make a list but it would take some time to put that together as there are many that need to get their just reward for the evils that they have done to tear this nation and its people down to the ground. Right now 99% of those people in public office need to die for the rest of us to live our lives without being intruded upon by government regulations and an ever growing police force of evil doers. Really am waiting for that right person to help get a few of those in public office off the planet if you know what I mean. That’s why over here millions of people are buying guns and ammo. They do see what has gone on in the rest of the world and know better then to believe liars in DC.


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