US-EU Free Trade Talks Are About Preserving White Supremacy, Nothing Else

When did European Imperialism end? When American Imperialism had been developed enough to smoothly take over, thus continuing the domination of the majority of non-white peoples by a small elite White minority.

White-owned Transnational Corporations, which were always an important part of the imperialist system – look at the East India Company for example – never lost their important places at the tables of Western European political leaders, and never stopped monopolising the resources of Latin America, Africa and Asia. The only thing that changed was that instead of directly ruling these continents, the White ruling class simply did it more indirectly.

This is done largely through the use of secret agents, like the fictional James Bond, who for some reason is still accepted as a legitimate hero despite quite clearly being an agent of White imperialism with no respect for the Geneva convention or womens rights. The CIA’s involvement in the “post” colonial world has also been the subject of many hollywood films, so no-one with a tv can really claim ignorance about the true natrue of power relations in the world.

Now, because they grew so arrogant in the 1980s that they started to believe their own claptrap about exporting jobs and deregulating of banks being the key to world freedom, the White Ruling Class has screwed up the economic basis of it’s own power and allowed it’s main imperialist rival – China – to gain advantage.

So they are scared. Scared that the rest of the world is realising that the era of there being only one world superpower is now over and that poor countries dont have to pretend to believe that Western Imperialism is actually just “globalisation”, but can have a little bit more choice about who to align themselves with.

So the White Ruling Class is consolidating it’s power by trying to formally link together the economies of the EU and US with “free trade” talks. This is undoubtably the first step towards even greater political unity as well, paving the way for the formal constitution of a united White Empire.

They won’t call it that of course, but thats what it will be. White working class people have to decide now who’s side they are going to be on; the imperialists or the oppressed. They have to recognise the privileges that the imperialist system gives them above non white people and realise that this makes them a target of the righteous vengance of the oppressed. If they dont want to be a target, they need to change sides now, before it’s too late.

Of course many Whites will refuse to do this, continuing to see non-white people as a threat and the imperial system as a protector. They will be the first to die, because the system is nowhere near as loyal to them as they are to it. If they havent learnt that already from the austerity measures and bank bailouts of recent years then they never will.

White people need to realise that the privileges they currently get from their skin colour are not worth their oppression by a government that despite being mostly made up by people of the same colour; still sees them as economic resources as nothing more, just as they do the rest of the world.

There is nothing special about white people in europe and america enjoying more rights than non-whites. The Imperialists did the same thing in all the territories they controlled, putting one ethnic group above all the others as a form of divide and rule.

The point is that white people do not have to play this game, they have a choice. They can choose to join the fight against the Empire; they are not bound by their skin colour to serve it.

But fighting against the empire means joining forces with people of other cultures, on the basis of equality, which means unlearning most of the ways we have been conditioned to think. We do not, for example, come from an advance civilisation based on principles of democracy and therefore have the right to enforce our culture on other people. The truth is our culture is no better than any others, and in terms of how many people it has killed, it’s actually probably the most barbaric culture that has ever existed.

So wise up, white people, and fight against this Free Trade Agreement. It is not going to help you, it is not going to help anyone in the “post” colonial world, it is only going to help q bunch of racist businesspeople and politicians who don’t give a damn about anything but their own money



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