Paint a diagram using whole stones as impressionist pinpricks of colour and light.

Paint a diagram using whole stones as impressionist pinpricks of colour and light.

Paint it right on the street covering buildings in stone, creating patterns only visible to the gods.

Serve them right.

People in planes going to business meetings. Are there any deader?

Sitting next to people on holiday.

And people like me. Just there, nothing better to do.

But stare. Out the window. At the Straits of Gibraltar.

One day. I saw. Big Orcs. And mediaeval soldiers.

Building cities and fortifications. Miles high.

I saw the gaps in the trees. Fields wide. Fields and Fields. Of nothing

But now, because of you.

They will see….

Diagrams. Explaining everything.

When the conversation turns predictable and you feel like it’s not even worth saying anything

Or that it would be, but you just can’t face it.

Don’t you wish the diagrams would appear?

In your head, in your hand, via the pen, onto the wall?

But we are not talking about writing on walls

Not today.

We are talking about covering them up

From on high

And the Gods will wonder what we are doing

Until they see the diagrams

Which will explain everything

To the people in the sky.

Businessmen, businesswomen, business children. Custom Designed.

They should at least have it explained it to them. Do them that courtesy.

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