Don’t be ashamed of celebrating riots

Fuck the Tories, Fuck the Police, Fuck the Corporate Press. “We’re all in it together”, damn right they are.

And while we’re at it: Fuck Racist, Classist and generally ignorant dickheads posting shit all over the internet. They seem to want to be “in it” too, and therefore deserve no respect.

I refuse to be ashamed of my emotions. When i heard about these riots, when i saw videos of buildings on fire and people attacking the police, i was celebrating.

Of course that was before i heard about the innocent victims.

But not all the victims were innocent.

Corporate chain-stores are not innocent.

Riot police are not innocent.

This should not need to be explained.

I know that many people agree with me on this.

I know that if there had been no murders, no burning of houses where people live, no looting of small businesses, no muggings, the general public’s reaction would have been a lot different.

And I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the people participating in the riots played no part in any of these things.

The majority of people were going for legitimate targets: their class enemies.

I know i can’t prove this. It’s not like i can go around asking people to fill in surveys about what they did and then analyse the data.

But from the amount of what I will call “dickhead” actions that have been reported in the media, and from seeing pictures, films and reading eyewitness accounts, it seems pretty clear there were way more people out on the streets than can be accounted for by dickhead actions alone.

That’s right, i wasn’t there, i wasnt even in England at the time.

But that doesn’t invalidate what i’m saying, because it’s pretty obvious most people talking bollocks about the riots wern’t there either. It’s pretty obvious that neither Government Ministers, nor Corporate Journalists, nor even many Police were there. Yet they seem to be allowed to say whatever they like.

They seem to be allowed to call for parents to betray their own children.

They seem to be allowed to deny that this has anything to do with inequality

They seem to be allowed to call people poorer than then apes, scum, and degenerates.

They seem to be allowed to throw around idle threats like “water cannons” “rubber bullets” “taking benefits away from criminals” and even “send in the army”.


Even the dickhead rioters, yes i will even include the murderers, do not deserve to be punished by the State.

The State has no right to punish anyone. If “justice” is going to be done, it has to be done by the people in the communities affected, directly, without mediation from outsiders. Especially not warmongering, corrupt, lying, power-tripping, fuckwit outsiders who wank off bankers with one hand and set fire to the planet with another.

What social problems are solved by putting people in prison? Seriously, just think about it for two seconds. Get a bunch of people who’ve lost faith in society enough to act like cunts to members of the same class as them, put them all together so they can enrich their culture of not giving a fuck and gain useful anti-social skills from one another, and treat them like shit in the name of the society they already don’t care about. Fucking genius, isn’t it? I’m sure a few more years of this will end crime forever!

The only logic to prisons is one that sees some people as less human than others, that sees some people as mere parasites to be exterminated or at least shoved out of sight, and out of mind.

This is a logic that is extremely popular however. And it’s pissing me off, as you can probably tell.

The sheer volume of bullshit that’s being spread around is unbelievable. And not only the quantity, the quality too. Top shelf, grade-A shit from organic, hand-reared, endangered bulls.

The “dickhead” aspects of the riots have been blown out of all proportion, and quite deliberately, because it sells papers and justifies right-wing policies of cutting benefits and increasing police repression.

So clearly the ruling class wants more riots!

Because, despite the fact Boris Johnson “doesn’t want to hear sociological or economic justifications” doesn’t mean they arn’t there. Of course he doesn’t want to hear that his party’s policies caused the riots. He wants to hear “Ooh, Boris, we love you, please let us play with your beautiful hair”

Since the 18th century the Tories have stood for the maintenance of class inequality through violent repression of the working classes. They just use the words “free market” instead of “class inequality”, and “law and order” instead of “violent repression”. You say tomato…

So now we have a situation where millions of young people grow up with no prospects of ever earning money legally, with cameras watching their every move and police giving them shit all the time for the way they dress.

Sounds like a situation that could lead to some unrest, no? Well, it’s nothing that taking away the few things these people still have can’t fix- if by fix you mean make a fuck-of-a-lot worse. And why not shoot some of them too for good measure? Always a good one, isn’t it? Worked in Greece, and LA too. Guess the Met were feeling left out.

Anyway. Now thousands of people are being hunted by police, and need solidarity: prisoner support, letter writings, fundraising for legal campaigns and much more.  This solidarity is not going to happen unless there is a widespread rejection of the official narrative, which, for the reasons outlined above, is bullshit.

I know many of the people who agree with even a tiny bit of what i’ve written here will find it hard to express those opinions in the face of all this backlash. But don’t let them get to you or make you feel ashamed of yourself.

If you celebrated the riots, even privately in your own head, YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

If you were out on the streets during the riots, keep it on the down-low, don’t brag about it or tell people what you did, especially not with phones or on the internet. Stick to close friends who were there too and support each other.

If you were acting like a dickhead on the riots, i for one forgive you, (as if you give a shit).

But seriously, you’ll give people less chance to criticise you if you don’t pick on people from your own class. Anyway, class enemies like corporations have better stuff to steal. Banks, in particular, are full of money that has been stolen from all of us, and almost everyone with two brain cells to rub together hates the bankers right now.

Just something to bear in mind for when this inevitably happens again





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